Women behind the cover

Shenedra Matthews is the owner of Sea Portraits & Magazine. She's a mother of 2 wonderful kids, whom inspired her to become a photographer. She's a God fearing women, that can't move without the strength and guidance from the Lord.

Her Story

Shenedra started her business 2015 upon her completion of her Co-Starter classes at the Knoxville Area Urban League. After starting out as just a photographer. She has wrote a book on how to find who you're destined to be. She also does classes to help others find their gift from God. She promotes small businesses in her Destined magazine and takes professional head-shots and portfolio books to help small businesses become successful

We are together

Sea are the 1st initials of Shenedra and her two children names. So of course anything and everything she does is inspired by her wonderful kids. Shenedra has started a STOP movement that was inspired from her son being bullied in school and how she had to defend and protect her son when the school system failed to. She's published the book you see on your left to help educate teachers and parents on the different types of bullying and also the signs to look for to know if your child is being bullied. She has also published a magazine for her daughter that wants to model, called MYMy magazine.

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